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Leadership Development

Leadership Development:

We offer a “suite” of leadership programs, from a program that prepares people for their fist manager role all the way to senior executive leadership development. We typically tailor our programs to ensure that they are aligned with the organization’s strategic plan, its current and future leadership needs, and its organizational culture. We begin with an organizational assessment to identify needed leadership competencies, any gaps in competencies or behaviors, and what future leadership behaviors will be needed going forward. For most of our leadership/manager programs, we recommend that incorporating personality and/or 360 degree feedback assessments for program participants. This facilitates the development process. Our programs are build upon the principle that all development requires a willingness to increase one’s self-awareness, to identify specific areas to improve personal effectiveness, and an openness to learning from feedback. We believe that all participants are both learners and teachers – thus, our programs are highly interactive and offer opportunities to practice new skills, while focusing on learning from one another, developing “peer coaching” skills, and giving and receiving developmental feedback.
Some of the key aspects of our programs include:

• Emotional intelligence skills – gaining greater self-awareness, self-management, and an ability to effectively influence and lead others
• Leadership “agility” – an ability to shift one’s approach depending upon the situation and the person/people involved
• Effective partnering – developing communication skills that lead to productive outcomes
• Leader as coach – learning how to effectively coach, mentor, and develop others to help them become more successful
 Team leadership – all teams go through various stages of development – effective leaders are able to help their team achieve high performance
• Effective decision making– to effectively achieve results, leaders not only need to make sound and strategic decisions, they often need to help others collaborate together in making key decisions
 Strategic planning – effective leaders are able to balance a focus on operations with a higher-level focus on strategy – providing a road-map for the team or organization about where they are headed and how they will get there.

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