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Delivering Persuasive Presentations

Delivering Persuasive Presentations:

In today’s business world, people are frequently called upon to give presentations – sometimes to a small audience of only one or two, and sometimes, to an audience of many. The primary objective of any presentation is to persuade others – about an idea, a service, a product, a mission, an important situation, to name a few. Yet so often, people fail to persuade others due ineffective presentation skills. We believe that the key to developing these skills is using a process of practice, feedback, and practice again – until participants develop the needed skills. Our programs are highly interactive and offer multiple opportunities for practice with videotaping and feedback. A unique feature of our program is that we also focus on strategies to address speaking anxiety. Did you know that public speaking is one of the most common fears experienced by others (often superseding a fear of death!), causing people to avoid giving presentations at all costs or to give ineffective presentations due to high anxiety? We help people to manage their fears and anxiety so that they can deliver an effective and persuasive presentation.

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