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Communicating for Results

Communicating for Results:

The ability to effectively partner with and influence others to achieve optimal results is a skill that often needs to be developed. Our program offers highly effective communication tools, strategies, and plenty of opportunities to practice skills, enabling participants to learn how to manage even the most difficult communication situations. Participants learn the importance of both inquiry – asking questions to understand another person’s perspective and advocacy – effectively explaining one’s own perspective in an objective and straightforward manner. They also learn how people typically get stuck in their own viewpoints and tend to inadvertently encourage others to get just as stuck in their opposing views, leading to communication breakdowns, conflict, and unproductive outcomes. We teach strategies to get both parties “unstuck” so they can partner together towards an effective resolution. Participants gain insight into, and leverage their communication strengths, and learn how to change ineffective communication behaviors so that they are more effective.

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