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Team Building

Team Building

  • Does your organization foster high –performing teams?
  • Do people trust one another and effectively resolve conflict?
  • Are people and teams across the organization collaborating successfully?
  • Do your teams achieve better results collectively than they would individually?
  • Have you ever been on a truly high performing team (for example, a sports team)?
  • In comparison, are the teams at work high performing?

Today’s organizations rely heavily upon work done in teams – from brainstorming of ideas to executing on the work to be performed. Few teams are able to realize their full potential because of factors such as lack of trust, ineffective conflict resolution, an unwillingness to speak one’s mind, and lack of commitment and/or accountability. Team building and team facilitation are both strategies to help teams recognize what is getting in the way of high performance and then develop action steps to address those factors. Not only do we enable to teams to address underlying dysfunction, but we also teach them strategies to prevent team problems in the future. We work with teams at all levels of the organization, including the board of directors.

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