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Brain-Based Executive Coaching

Effective leadership does not happen on its own or by accident. It is an intentional process that involves self-awareness and reflection, openness to feedback, a willingness to try new behaviors, and an ability to leverage your strengths and address those limitations that get in the way of your effectiveness. Learn more

Leadership Development

We design and deliver leadership development programs, (from first-time managers all the way to executives) which are uniquely tailored to your organization, ensuring that you are promoting the very leadership behaviors your business needs to achieve its desired results. Learn more

Succession Planning and Talent Management

We work with the senior leadership of the organization to ensure that you have robust succession plans in place at levels of the organization, beginning with the top leadership. Learn more

Great Place to Work

An organization’s culture has often been referred to as the DNA of the company! Only those companies that have a high –performance culture are able to achieve consistent, long-term success, as evidenced by such factors as financial results, employee retention, innovation, customer satisfaction, and being viewed as a great place to work. Learn more

Employee Engagement and Retention

Research consistently finds that more engaged employees are, the more productive they are. And they tend to engage others around them. There are numerous strategies to improve the engagement level of your employees, such as implementing a variety of rewards and recognition initiatives, making communication efforts more transparent, providing opportunities for development and career growth, making the work place fun, to name just a few. Learn more

Innovation and Creativity

We offer solutions to promote increased creativity and innovation, ensuring that all people in the organization feel empowered and encouraged to not only think outside of the tried and true, but to bring forth their ideas and act upon them to generate best practices and innovative processes. Learn more

Strategic Plan Facilitation

We help organizations develop and communicate highly effective, easy to communicate strategic plans and then use those plans to regularly assess where they are and what needs to change to drive improved performance. Learn more

Team Building

Team building and team facilitation are both strategies to help teams recognize what is getting in the way of high performance and then develop action steps to address those factors. Learn more

Becoming a Successful Non-profit Organization

We work with non-profit boards to help them function more efficiently and effectively, both at the board level and with the various functions that need to be carried out by board and staff. Learn more

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