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Parenting for Success

Emotionally Intelligent Parenting Parenting strategies based on the emotional intelligence model can dramatically alter the home atmosphere, bringing new-found levels of closeness, bonding, and cohesiveness to all family members. Emotionally intelligent parenting emphasizes identifying, acknowledging, and then responding appropriately and constructively to one’s own emotions and to […]

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Collaborating for Success

Developing Emotional Intelligence for Boards of Directors Similar to any other group of people working towards a common goal, the success of a Board of Directors is, in large part, dependent upon the ability of board members to work collaboratively, to encourage and promote participation of all […]

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Educating for Success

Each Student is Unique Recent research continually stresses the importance of emotional intelligence in predicting success. It has demonstrated that this “intelligence” is far more predictive of success in the workplace than is IQ, yet our schools continue to emphasize cognitive abilities and frequently do not stress […]

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    Making meaningful changes
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