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Impacting the Bottom Line Through Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability to identify, acknowledge, and respond optimally to your emotions and the emotions of others. Emotional competencies are a specific set of skills, behaviors, and attitudes that impact how you interact with others and how you function in the world. The four sets of competencies include:

  1. Self-Awareness: Recognizing and understanding your emotional reactions, strengths and limitations.
  2. Self-Management: Managing internal states, impulses, and resources.
  3. Social Awareness: Empathy, organizational awareness, and service orientation.
  4. Relationship Management: Promoting desirable responses in others, teambuilding, leadership skills.

Why does Emotional Intelligence matter?

  1. It is the set of factors that is MOST predictive of success in one’s career. It accounts for at least 75% of a “star performer’s” success.
  2. It results in improved productivity, creativity, teamwork, employee morale & commitment.
  3. Improved employee selection and retention.
  4. Increased sales and revenues.
  5. Client/consumer satisfaction and loyalty are improved and quality of service is enhanced.
  6. Enhanced relationships and communication skills both at work and in one’s personal life.

What can I do to achieve improved Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional competencies can be learned, developed, and improved. A large percentage of adults have not adequately learned the skills necessary for successful performance. Training must involve opportunities for assessment, practice, and feedback. Specific competencies can be targeted to make training “fit” the job.

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