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    "Strategy, culture, leadership and teams are all essential ingredients of a high performing organization."

    -Catherine Hambley, Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant

Catherine Hambley, Ph.D.

Catherine is a strategic and innovative business partner working with organizations, teams, managers, and senior leaders to promote their effectiveness and success.  She has provided solutions for Fortune 100 companies, healthcare, the transportation industry, high tech, mergers and acquisitions, family businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Read More.

The Neuroscience of Leadership and Organizational Success

Recent findings about how the brain works brings some hard science to what has traditionally been considered soft skills.  No longer can we relegate coaching, leadership development, organizational culture, change management, or communication skills to the “nice to have but not essential” aspects of running an effective organization.  Brain science has a lot to tell us about how to create lasting, positive change, how to have effective dialogues that leverages other people’s best thinking, about creating a culture that is engaging for employees, and about how to grow and develop talent:  All of this leads to a high performance organization!

Our coaching and consulting solutions leverage brain science so that you can achieve the results you are seeking. Everyone brings their brains to work, so why not maximize every brain’s potential through scientifically proven principles.


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